Fiskars in 2016

“In 2016, we made strong progress with implementing our strategy and delivered a considerable increase in our net sales and adjusted operating profit.”

President’s review

Fiskars continued the journey to become a leading global consumer goods company with a family of iconic lifestyle brands.

Our sustainability ambition is well aligned with our vision of creating a positive, lasting impact on the quality of life. We have published our first sustainability report, sharing how we combat climate change, respect human rights and create lasting designs that help build a more sustainable world.

We strengthened our capabilities to build global businesses and brands, aiming to offer consumers iconic brands that inspire and excite and most importantly, stand for something beyond the product. What unites all our brands and products is the deep commitment to superior craftsmanship, high quality and lasting design.

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The world around us is changing and Fiskars as a company has changed fundamentally during the past few years and as a result, Fiskars reformulated its mission for the company – to build a family of iconic lifestyle brands. In addition to a mission, a team needs a common purpose and a plan so that every member knows how to play his or her role. It’s for this reason that we formed the Fiskars Fundamentals.

The Fiskars Fundamentals clarify what the company stands for and what we aim to achieve. It  guides our actions over the long-term and works as a decision-making tool. The fundamentals – vision, mission, core belief, and values – each have an important role in ensuring that our promise to consumers, making the everyday extraordinary, comes alive.

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Strategic Priorities

Fiskars is building a family of iconic lifestyle brands with the goal of becoming a leading global player in the branded consumer goods business. To proceed in a deliberate way towards our vision – creating a positive, lasting impact on the quality of life – we have reinforced our strategic priorities. In addition, Fiskars is in the process of building global businesses and a unified organization to strive for brand desire and long-term profitability.

To work towards our vision and mission, we have defined four strategic priorities for the next three years; growing the core, delivering omnichannel experiences, building global common capabilities and developing an inspiring working environment. Each of these designated priorities play an important role in delivering on our promise to consumers – making the everyday extraordinary. By focusing on these four areas we aim to create both increased brand desire and long-term profitability.

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Our ambition is to empower positive change and to be a leader in building more sustainable world.

We have redefined our sustainability focus areas in 2016 and aim to integrate sustainability more firmly in our business strategies.


To ensure clear responsibilities and the necessary focus, Fiskars renewed its governance model in 2016, regarding how sustainability is managed throughout the company. The work continues by building common processes and setting joint targets to drive improvements and growth across the group.

Supporting the increased focus on sustainability and highlighting the effort across the company, Fiskars Group has increased the transparency of its actions by publishing its first sustainability report in connection with this annual report.

Read more about Fiskars sustainability approach, targets and actions in our 2016 Sustainability Report and on our website.

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